3 Ways how niche blogs such as Black Girl with Long Hair can innovate in digital media

3 Ways in niche blogs like Black Girl with Long Hair can innovate in digital media
Black Girl with Long Hair (BGLH) is one of the premier black hair websites around. It has over 2,300 RSS subscribers. Leila & the BGLH team did a recent of the site, which you can view here. I read it regularly. As a media obsessive, I am always thinking about how the media landscape will look like in the future, and in particular the black media world.
Here are a few ideas I have about niche sites such as BGLH. I will be using BGLH as my case study here.
1 – Mobile
The rise of the smartphone means more people are accessing content on their phones. This includes social media like Twitter. As a leader in natural hair online, BGLH could take advantage of this. For example, a mobile phone application could be created in association with a mapping service like foursquare. Capital cities such as London, Paris and New York could be index in the application where it tells you where to find all the natural hair salons around you. This would save time going on a search engine to do reams of research.
2 – The E-reader (iSlate)
BGLH could form a strategic partnership with a publishing company such as Earl G. Graves Publishing Co.(this is the company that publishes Black Enterprise. It is black-owned and Black Enterprise has over 480,000 paying print magazine subscribers). BGLH could there produce content that could be disseminated on this readers. The wicked thing about them is this. Imagine the new e-reader from Apple, tentatively called the iSlate. If a subscription service for media could be worked out where a user could pay a flat rate of X £ for content, niche publishers like BGLH could create articles on how to integrate natural hair regimes into your personal finance lifestyle, for example. In this example, BGLH is therefore working in partnership with a business publisher like Earl G. Graves Publishing Co. to create content for natural-headed sisters to helps them solve problems. This is all the while done whilst being innovative in the technological sphere.
3 – Specialised Reports
Corporate content is where the cash cows are. In this case study, BGLH could create specialised white papers for corporate clients in the natural hair care field, for example a hair product company such as Miss Jessies. These reports could be on anything from a survey on what natural women are buying to future trends in the natural hair product scene. BGLH could then charge corporate clients significant money to retrieve this information as it is not easily available and requires rigourous research.
I’d love to hear your feedback for these ideas!

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