Whispers in a Foyer: A Murder Mystery in 7 Rooms

Have I posted this before, Coalies? I wrote this Nonsense poem for my family. I love Lewis Carroll’s Hunting of the Snark type of work so I tried mine. Apologies if I posted this before

Tell me what you think:

Dedicated to my parents

Whispers in the Foyer: A Murder Mystery in 7 Rooms

Hotels seem the same

It was the end of her game

‘She’s gone’, he cried

I wanted to know why

The cops frowned at the staff

No one could cry or laugh

A lifeless body found in the kitchen

Wrapped in the hotel’s linen

‘Who is responsible?’, the porter asked

‘Not I’, the cook said in his mask

‘Not me’, Amina snorted

The reality of denial is courted

The cook spoke in a whisper

‘Isn’t that the truth’, Amina hissed

I tried to be the voice of reason

The cook’s eyes were full of treason

‘I can smell guilt in the air’, the cop said

One of us was going days without bread

The manager’s body had expired

Did the porter’s jealousy put ashes on a pyre?

‘We found a letter’, they proclaim

It was only meant to maim

She was a target of hate

The cook’s eyes sank with heavy weight

Birds of a feather separate together

The cook tightened his feet of leather

The porter knew he missed’her

Amina has no remorse for her phantom sister

This poem is inspired by ‘The Hunting of the Snark’ by Lewis Carroll written in 1874.


2 thoughts on “Whispers in a Foyer: A Murder Mystery in 7 Rooms

  1. enjoyed the poem. there is certainly a mystery to it that runs throughout, as the reader is kept anticipating, guessing what happened, asking is it real, is it real.

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