What is your writing style?

  • How do you write? Do you write all your work out by hand first then type it up?

My style is like this:

  • I come up with the characters first: I remember reading a famous writer (can’t remember whom) say that get your characters first, then worry about the actual premise. I couldn’t agree more. Say, I was going to write an adventure story. I would start off by thinking about who my protaganist is, what s/he looks like and how they feel about the weather. I would then think of whether I was trying to write a burlesque of Moby Dick or come up with an unique way to tell the characters story.
  • I write all my notes and ideas down for the character, story, setting in my notebook: I cannot type straight onto the computer. My ideas flow better on paper. Not sure why.

I’d love to know what you lot do!


13 thoughts on “What is your writing style?

  1. Just to add, I posted my story titled My Time in Scotland and it received the ‘good writing’ title by the editors. So thanks Olive for the lead.

  2. Thank you I will post it up once I submit it, it would be great to get some feedback 🙂
    It’s true motivation is key to writing a good piece of writing, it shows your passion and I’m the same, at the begining of what I was writing about, it was only suppossed to be short but then you get so into it and get more and more ideas and you can pull from loads of different experiences you’ve had in life and it’s great to see it all come together!

  3. Just one other thing Olive. I checked the site ‘Scotland against Racism’ and visited it yesterday. Considering that I lived in Scotland some years ago, I was inspired to pen a particular experience that I encountered. It was just supposed to be a few lines but I felt compelled to write the whole thing.

    I realise more and more that I have to be ‘motivated’ if I’m ever going to write something.

      • Anytime of the day. For example Olive mentioning about the Scotland against Racism campaign, I checked the site and decided to write something as I used to live in Scotland. I was up until 2.00am this morning writing, refining then writing and finally refining before submitting. There is no fixed time. It is when the thing grabs me!!

  4. i still love the smell of ink, ink-stains on my fingers, the texture of paper – basically i like to brainstorm on paper, draft on paper then type on computer. it’s a complimentary process, really.

  5. I used to write by hand then type everything up. Before I realised, I began to type all my initial ideas then edit. But I’ve been having problems which have led to blockages so I found a creative writing book which ‘can’ (according to the blurb)take you back to writing (or anything artistic) but it is spiritual and you have to stick with it, which I haven’t managed to do so far!

    • What is the book called, plaintain1? I find that writing all my ideas down first and then using colours to highlight my ideas helps. What other tips will you have been using?

      • It’s called The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron (ex-wife of film director Martin Scorsese). The book is definitely ‘spiritual’ and she has had incredible feedback from people who felt her methods have worked. Other tips – I did start an MA in Creative writing but dropped out after a year I’m afraid. I loved reading the books on reading list and doing the reviews and parodies but crits on my writing was quite hard to take to the point I found it embarrassing. So what I do now I enjoy blogging but not all the time. But when something grabs me – either something that has happened currently or something in my past then I feel compelled to write. Let’s hope in 2010 that I will do more – creatively.
        Olive, I agree with Aurelia, it would be good to see what you submitted.

  6. I’m the same, I write it all on paper because it flows better then type it up. In terms of characters, I think I base them around people I know, family members and friends. I think if the story is honest and you’ve experienced whatever it is your writing about,as well as dramatizing it to make it fictional it’s all the better because you will have had these feeling and been in certain situations first hand, or know somene who has and you’ll create a great image for the reader, who will inturn be able to relate to it all and get the exact setting. I love writing, I recently wrote an essay I’m going to send away to a ‘Scotland against racism’ competition called ‘On family and other lost things’ it’s a great way to get things off your chest in a postive way as well

    • Once you have submitted your essay, would you be violating rules if you posted in your blog? I’d love to see it. Good luck with that 🙂

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