Careers Update: Your ‘work’ personality

Everyone, first I just want to say to all my faithful readers, thanks for being so patient with me. I am still not out of the woods yet due to still being owed money but I am almost there!

I want to touch on the idea of what kind of person are you at work. As some of you may know, I was desperately seeking a job and I have found a temporary position at an educational charity where I am actually doing some copywriting, which is pretty cool. I am really enjoying my time there so far and I go back to work next week.

My question for all my lovely Charcoal gangsters is, how do you create your work personality? We all know that work means we have to be professional, but how close do you keep your employers and work colleagues?

I think the thing with work is not to try too hard to fit in. I definitely made a great friend when I did a former internship and that’s mainly because me and her just got each other and it was fabulous.

What kind of personality do you have at work? Are you obnoxious or bossy?


4 thoughts on “Careers Update: Your ‘work’ personality

  1. i keep to myself at my current job. i don’t think you have to be that way though. at my last job, the environment was very friendly and laid back so i had many friends there. now i work with a bunch of catty bitches. lol it’s cool though. work is about making money first. if you can make friends too that’s just icing on the cake.

  2. My personality at work depends on who you are asking. Some see me as a winger because I often let it be known what I do not like. However I do not grumble I do my work. Others see me as hard working. I am not one who goes out all the time with work colleagues as most I would not be friends with if I was not at work.

    However I have made some great friends from work. Not two hands full just some. Plus I often end up working with people I know which is weird.

    • I also agree SoFro that going out with work colleagues depends. I just like to keep my head down @ work and if I can make friends, that’s fab.

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