Advice Needed: How Do You Let A Shy Man Know….

that you are interested in kissing/sleeping with them? Anyone who has thoughts and opinions needs to comment please!

I know this man who is shy. We have known each other for a while. He is a cool, sincere and hardworking person. This is a thought that has been bubbling in my head for many month now. There is a considerable amount of sexual tension between us and I feel it there like a slow burn.

I won’t pretend — there is this other man on the scene who I may be seeing in January for a hoo-haa session.But I can’t get this idea of sleeping with my friend, the shy man out of my head. I told a friend today that I wanted to find out or alleviate the sexual tension between us, but obviously I want it to be a consensual thing.

We are good friends and have had lots of fun together in the past. One of my best friends told me to ask him to go out for drinks and do the thing that they say in the film Hitch, ie, lean in and see if he will kiss me.

I am really curious about the sexual tension between me and him and yes, I definitely would love to kiss him and sleep with him but obviously I don’t want anyone’s feelings to get hurt.

How do I do this — if I do this at all?


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