Magazines: Is This GQ Cover of Rihanna really necessary?

I am not sure about what Rihanna is trying to do with her career. I don’t think this is particularly empowering, but that is more because I think female sexuality is stronger when it is coquettish and titilatting.

I just find this a bit contrived and a bit too harsh. I don’t know what Rihanna is trying to do. What do you think? I like Rihanna’s songs and I am not a hater (this girl is a beautiful black woman with a banging body no doubt) but…..topless on a GQ cover??


14 thoughts on “Magazines: Is This GQ Cover of Rihanna really necessary?

  1. well she is topless but what about Jennifer Aniston’s cover where all she has on is a tie??

    • hi stevejobs, I didn’t like the Jen cover either. they are both unnecessary but again, Jennifer Aniston is less interesting to me than Rihanna hence why I was writing about her.

  2. Maybe that’s another issue Rihanna’s age she is still very young. Maybe Rihanna’s PR people are telling this young woman that in order to be successful she has to take her clothes off? I wonder how much control Rihanna actually has over her own career?

  3. Hmmm, I liked the cover too. I think she looks sexy without looking trashy. There’s a fine line but I don’t think she crosses it here. The look on her face isn’t slutty but sultry. Even the pose isn’t overtly sexual. Is it the fact that she’s topless that rubs you wrong?

    • I just don’t get WHY she is topless? It has nowt to do with the album at all. I think this cover is slutty, not sexy at all. I can’t explain it
      but for example, in her videos for Rehab, SOS, she came across like a sultry woman who had a lot of sex appeal.

      I think you can be even sexier without showing all your goods on display. The girl is barely 22 as well.

  4. I know I will be in the minority here but I think Rihanna looks hot on the cover! Rihanna is young, sexy, and cute! Sex sells this is how the entertainment industry is run. Of course, on the other hand you have to wonder why do female artists have to take their clothes off in order to get attention? Can’t the music sell itself? But for ever Rihanna there are women like Ani Difranco, Tracy Chapman, and Alicia Keys they will never take their clothes off to sell their music.

    • I think there is a difference between selling sex and being titillating. In Beyonce’s Video Phone video, she looks sexy and titillating, even coquettish. It is flirty but not slutty. I want Rihanna to go back to that kind of subtle sexiness. I know it was a GQ shoot but still — topless on GQ? I am not feeling it, but I still like Rihanna.

  5. Well, she was equally nude in the Vogue Italia scans you put up. Those weren’t particularly coquettish either. I think this cover is part of her new Rated R reinvention. The video for Hard is pretty badass and she looks harsh (in a sexy way) in that too.

      • I don’t think GQ is a trashy magazine. Do you think so because it is a “gentleman’s” magazine? It is definitely leagues above Maxim or FHM or other mags that constantly have half-naked women on the front.

        I do agree with one of the commenters above, though, that says Rihanna probably has little control over what her handlers sign her up for. She could have pulled a Rachel McAdams and left the photoshoot when she realized the nudity involved, but I don’t think she comes off slutty here, but definitely sexy. And it definitely fits in with her album concept.

        • I think this photoshoot is trashy and that’s that for me. I like McAdams for refusing to do nudity if that is what she believed in.

          I just think Rihanna is sending conflicting images of her persona. Her songs are fire so there is no denying that but that shot in GQ of her
          covering her pussy? Come on…there is nothing rated R about that.

          • Rihanna grabs her crotch like ALL the time these days. She does it like three times within the first minute of the Hard video and she did it several times during her NYE performance in Times Square. So, if anything, she is consistent.

            • Your theory has one fatal blow: she is not grabbing her ‘crotch’ in the GQ spread. She is ‘covering’ her PUSSY. There are no two ways about it.

              I don’t have an issue with her grabbing her pelvis during a performance as there is context but covering her pussy is just nonsense.

              • I agree that covering one’s crotch and grabbing one’s crotch mean two different things, but I don’t think either is savory.

                What do you think the difference is? And I don’t understand your use of the word nonsense.

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