It’s His Birthday

Haters fall back! This man is still sharing his original message of love, compassion and sacrifice 2009 years later.

Get it, Jesus!


12 thoughts on “It’s His Birthday

  1. Okay, I know this will not sound PC but why do you have a white image of Jesus Christ on your blog? I am just curious? I am actually very surprised Aulelia because you seem very Afrocentric and in tune with black culture. Of course, having a white Jesus Christ picture is your choice since this is your blog. However, I was just wondering?

    • Orville, for many Catholics, images of Jesus with the burning sacred heart is incredibly important to us because it is a symbol of his
      sacrifice for our original sins. In this case, I don’t think it matters what colour his skin is because for me, it is about the symbolism
      of the picture of the sacred heart.

      I don’t think that makes me less Afrocentric.

  2. Peace…I was in love with this blog until this startling image of white Jesus is sitting front and center on my screen. Jesus was NOT white!! It kills me to see my brothers and sisters that are ‘conscious’ b.u.t still dead at the same time. We may wear our hair natural, b.u.t some of these folks are still letting the European shape and mold you with his ideologies and lies to keep you pigeonholed in the Matrix. Jesus was an Original Man. The Blackman is the Original man…meaning the Origin of All. And he wasn’t even born on December 25th, he was born sometime in September!! Please I implore you, all do your research on your history. Don’t take anything on face value that the European puts in front of you b/c they will lie and take credit for everything. Why do you think so many of the statues in Egypt have their noses missing? The white man couldn’t stand to see such regal beings with ‘black features’ and knocked them off. The true ‘Egyptians’ were blacker than an ace of spades…Read ‘The Destruction of Black Civilization’ by Chancellor Williams for starters. Do the Knowledge fam. Peace.

    • Hi, thanks for liking the blog but can we just be happy that Jesus is still slaying haters after 2,009 years?

      I love this picture because of the focus of the sacred heart. Jesus’ heart bled for us all. Let’s not argue on that.


      • Peace, it’s not Jesus per se, it’s the image of him of which our people have been programmed to believe that he is of European origin, which is part of the lies we’ve been fed to further deny our history and culture. Girl if you want me to draw you a picture of a more appropriate Jesus with a burning heart I’d be more than glad to do so (I’m an artist)…

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