Okay, I was chatting with a friend of mine on how long one should wait until the hoo-haa.

My mate said that if you are feeling the guy and you are here and there with him, maybe you should wait 6 dates.

I found this fascinating because I have always thought of it in a time frame.

Do any of you Charcoalies see it in a date or time frame sense? Is 2 months enough time to make him wait?

Or is the concept of a woman making a man ‘work for it’ and ‘wait’ a means of shackling female hoo-haa-lity?

What is the shortest time frame you have waited before the boots were knocked off?

Lots of questions and the answers/views are needed!


7 thoughts on “Numbers!

  1. i was on vacation in cuba and fell in love with an italian who spoke about as much english as i spoke italian. i noticed him on my third day of vacation. he kept stalking me! by the fourth day, we were doing our best to converse with hand signals and limited knowledge of the other’s language. by the fifth day, we were in love. we had a steamy night of passion on the sixth (the hoo haa was woo-hoo!), and he left on the seventh. i cried for two days straight.

    four months later, i was in italy and we were together again. one of the great romances of my life.

    you do it when it feels right.

  2. I couldn’t say that I think there is a time frame or a number of dates, but I’m really the wrong person to be answering this seeing how I have trust issues. So it’s way more than 2 months for me to get to the point when I’m ready to sleep with someone.

    I suppose you do it when you feel ready and when you’ve gotten to know the person enough that you feel comfortable enough to be naked and vulnerable with them, so if it takes 2 months for you to get to that stage then two months is fine.

    If I’m wondering about what the guy is saying to his friends about me then I’m not at the point where I want to sleep with him.

    • That’s really interesting what you said about trust.

      Since this is a NSFW post and password protected, I am going to say I have kind of ‘lined up’ someone to just have sex with. I told him last night about my situation of how I just want to focus on my career but do need to have sex here and there. He understands. We went out once and the date was horrendous (he just sat and talked about himself all day).

      There are no feelings there that I have for him at all but maybe that is why I can have this casual sex with him. It didn’t work with Bank Man because I liked him already. I literally just want this new jump off to put his dick in me and then leave LOL.

      I am trying to move away from feeling ashamed and embarrassed from having sex. I will ALWAYS be doing safe sex always.

      Ironically, I feel like I could do the kinkiest things with this guy that I feel nothing for but would struggle to do it with someone I liked in case he thought I was a slag.

  3. It does not need to be a time frame, nor a set number of dates.

    It needs to be when you feel ready, and comfortable.

    I feel that people need only to be accountable to their own judgements, not those of others.

    • I think your last sentence makes a lot of sense. But lifeisannoying, many women do worry about whether a man will run off to his friends and think a woman is ‘easy’ meat or easy to touch if she gives it up too soon.

      I want to decipher this whole concept of ‘too soon’ but of course, it does not exist because it is a grey area. I think it is important to take into account what many women’s conscience’s think about this idea of a timeframe.

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