4 Things I have learned from 50’s ‘Baby By Me’ video with Kelly

LOL, I know I am late as but I just LOVE this video of 50 and Kelly in his song, ‘Baby By Me’. It’s a tune!

1. 50 is gorgeous/sexy/hot/insert adjective here: I don’t know what it is about him, but he really is raw sex appeal. He looks great in the scene when him & Kelly are in the suburbs with their three triplets. Cute!

2. Kelly is stunning/beautiful/insert adjective here: Kelly is such a beautiful girl! Love her and I am glad to see her on the scene more.

3. Ne-yo: This is one of the only songs where I think Ne-yo meshes great with the song. Lovely.

4. Black love: Kelly & 50 look like such a great couple. Too cute!


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