Still fighting!

It’s been a long hard road. First, thanks to everyone who has stuck with this blog. Things are not still completely sorted out and I apologise for being vague.

Here is a recap of what has happened over the last few weeks:

1) My ex flatmate was a bully and forced me out of my home

2) I had to crash at friend’s houses and I am still doing that until I can get myself my own gaff in LDN

3) I have been searching and searching for work.

While my living situation isn’t fully sorted, I have had (slightly) better luck with jobs. I have the promise of one Xmas job and one otheradmin job that pays money.

Once I get them done, I will be able to committ to regular blogging.

I would love to hear from any Charcoalies about if you have had any rock bottom stories from your life and how you have come from it.

The one huge thing though I want to focus on is my career and my AFRO!!!!!!!!!!!




3 thoughts on “Still fighting!

  1. You keep on fighting Aulelia because you are a survivor! I am sorry to hear your ex flat mate was such a bully! I have a question are you still in your Masters program? If you are in your Masters program have you thought about applying for scholarships and awards?

    If you are in school Aulelia, I believe you can ask your university for an emergency bursary or scholarship since you are in financial distress.

    I am racking my brains trying to figure out how I am going to pay my tuition because I have returned to university. I am working on a second B.A. and I am upgrading though they put me in third year. However, I have applied to every bursary or scholarship award I can think of.

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