This Week in Jobs #1: More Rejections but…

Still job seeking and still broke as a joke but I am persevering.

Here is how this week has looked like so far in terms of looking for jobs.

  • 5 Job applications to direct employers: I don’t even remember how many agency jobs I have actually applied for which is too many to count
  • 5 jobs applied via email
  • 1 email to a former employer of mine (it is a chain of hotels) to ask if there are any vacancies
  • 1 rejection for a magazine journalism job that I would have LOVED
  • 1 rejection for a news agency job I was desperate for as well

but on the bright side….

  • 2 job interviews for Christmas temporary work in retail: I told one of the managers that I didn’t have retail experience, which is true, but I managed to get myself two interviews which are happening tomorrow so I will keep you updated.

Does anyone else find that actually you would rather be rejected and have an email saying you have been rejected other than employers just ignoring you.

If I ever make it to my dream of owning my own company, I will make sure that whoever contacts me for a job, they will know whether they have been successful or not.


5 thoughts on “This Week in Jobs #1: More Rejections but…

  1. It angers me. I think they should make it policy to contact everyone back. Some companies make excuses saying the volume of applications are so high that they can’t reply. That sounds so impersonal and rude and not the ethos of a company i would want to work for.

    Everyone should make the time for people who want to work for them.

    Rant over 🙂 Congratulations on your interviews, good luck!

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