Keep ‘Em Coming: My long list of job rejections

I am starting to get beyond frustrated with the job search.

I have been looking for 2 months and just nothing. I have done everything: cold calling, replying to online adverts, following up a week after my application.


I was rejected for a job today, the employer citing my lack of experience for a role which I thought I had experience in. You can’t be bitter about these things of course but I am starting to resent this situation a lot. I have to get work in order to pay the bills but how can I do that if no one wants to help me?

I am at a loss. I know what some of you may think. Maybe my CV isn’t right. Maybe my covering letters are shit. I have looked at these areas and made improvements but nothing is working.

I am looking for work outside London but again NOTHING.

What is the point applying for a job only to be rejected?


2 thoughts on “Keep ‘Em Coming: My long list of job rejections

  1. Brogan, thank you so much for your kind words. I think the whole idea of job seeking is just so incredibly difficult.

    I wish employers would give us all a chance to interview at least!

  2. I’ve been reading some of your previous posts along with this one and want to give you a hug because you have so much stuff going on.

    Keep trying! It’s wierd because my sister went through something similar a while ago where she applied to so many jobs and companies and just couldn’t catch a break. Your luck will change and eventually someone will get back to you.

    Stay positive.

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