I’m back…kind of

It’s been an awful few weeks, Charcoalies.

I got back from Sweden yesterday, back to the cold city of London but my problems of nowhere concrete to live and no money still haunt me.

I am really sorry to say that the blog is going on indefinite hiatus until I land a job and have found somewhere to stay.

My life is a mess so I cannot devote much time to the blog but I WILL BE BACK. I will be posting here and there, but as you all know because of that bully, my life is upside down.

Don’t forget about the blog though. I will be back as soon as I get a job.

Love you all,



6 thoughts on “I’m back…kind of

  1. I really hope you feel better soon and find a good job. Please don’t let that bully get to you, and bring you down. Your a beautiful and an extremely intelligent woman, so you can get things back on track, it will just take some time to regroup. Thinking of you

  2. You went to Sweden, that is one place I would like to spend time, I hear it is a very beautiful country. How did you find it and it is your first time there?

    • I had actually lived there before as a child due to my parents work so it was more of a homecoming. It’s nice, very clean and everything works.

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