Still Jobless

Who thought finding a job was this much of an effort?

I am struggling to find work and I don’t even know where the next payslip is coming from.

I am going to Sweden for a family function from the 22 Nov until 29 Nov. The living situation is still hard to define and describe as I am still not back home.

I have no money, no job and my mum says she can’t help me financially anymore.

It’s a hard situation so please forgive me for keeping the blog scarce.

Once I get my life back on track, Charcoal will be back. Until then, I will post when I can.


4 thoughts on “Still Jobless

  1. Aulelia, I know the feeling all too well! Luckily, I just got offered an extension on my internship, but needless to say they pay me peanuts. It’s something, I guess. But it’s still disheartening to apply to job after job, go on several interviews and never get a call back. I’m beginning to seriously question myself. Sigh. I’m probably not much help or encouragement. Something will work out though. Something always does. Good luck! -BWABW

    • I hope something does work out but it doesn’t stop me from feeling helpless and even hopeless because I feel like I am looking hard for work but I just can’t seem ti find any.

  2. Aulelia, I am in a similar position I am back in university but I need a job. I have to find a way to pay my tuition. I understand your frustation I am in the exact same space. I am frustrated because I am looking and looking.

    I contacted an employment agency. Does the UK have temp work agencies? Does your university have a career centre for students? I went to a job search strategies seminar last week. Maybe your university has a job website with jobs that only students can see? How about networking? Have you asked any of your friends if they know of any jobs? What about family? Ask them too? The more people you tell you need a job maybe it can help you to get a job.

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