Cold calling for jobs: My experience this Wednesday

Has anyone else out there been doing cold calls for jobs?

My situation is up in there air but today I cold-called 11 places, hotel chains mainly to ask if they had any work going.

When I asked the receptionist, it was 50/50 as to whether or not there were jobs going. I was then referred to the Personnel dept for one call and that’s when I started asking to be referred to Personnel.

Of the 11 calls I made today:

….Only 1 had an active vacancy that they were recruiting for, which was a part-time hotel reception position.

What do you think of cold calling for jobs? Is  it a bit of a fools errand to do so … or can you really find work this way?

–Aulelia desperate for the job hunt!


3 thoughts on “Cold calling for jobs: My experience this Wednesday

  1. Aulelia, I called an employer yesterday as a form of following up. I think it is great that you are cold calling employers it shows initiative! Aulelia I was wondering have you ever visited an employment counsellor? I suggest you go to an employement center and get an expert to look over your resume and cover letter? Also, have you looked in the newspapers, online? What industry are you looking for work in? What do you like to do?

  2. I’m not sure where you’re located or where you’ve called but the hotel business seem to be in somewhat of a lump, as the travel business in general at the moment. You could get lucky but I don’t think it will be very easy. Had this been a couple of years ago it would have been totally different.

    I’ve been successfull with cold calls but that have been in a favourable market where jobs where readily available.

  3. I think it’s a good idea because many companies do not advertise positions. Or they may have something coming up in the future that you wouldn’t know about otherwise. I actually landed a job this way. Just call and send your resume to anywhere that interests you. It’s great you are being so proactive. Good luck!

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