Falling in Love…

My living situation is still up in the air, but one thing I am trying hard to concentrate on is vox, the careers site I created for my MA project.

Don’t they say that once one part of your life goes wrong (my living situation), one part can cheer up.

I think that this is incredibly true (well as of recently). It has been such a struggle to keep vox afloat and I have to pay hosting charges next week by Sunday and I have £0. But it is still my passion! The thing that is wicked that has happened is I got a few PRs interested in doing this survey I have done and I just am pushing so hard to make the survey a success. Information is the key to knowledge and that is one aim I am trying to push forward with my careers website.

The one thing that I need to work on more is not thinking about people’s bad reactions too much. I had one PR who wasn’t too friendly to me concerning a particular issue. It made me a little upset and I spoke to my friends about it and they were like, don’t get upset about it.

My current plan for now is to finish distributing the survey and pass it on to other PRs so I can put it up on vox.

I don’t know whether vox will be a success but I know I am in love with it and I am desperate for it to succeed. And you know what love is like, it is all consuming.


4 thoughts on “Falling in Love…

  1. What is it like being in a M.A. program? Is it hard work? I returned to university this fall because I want to upgrade and get a higher G.P.A.

  2. I like your site (vox). Im studying PR in Canada and it’s nice to see how PR works in the U.K. Keep up the good work ( I will recomend your site to my class mates, we are always looking for new sites that talk about PR)

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