Black Hair: Beyoncé takes 25 Wigs on UK Leg of ‘I Am…’ Tour

bee ldn

Picture from Daily Mail - B out in LDN last night

My girl Bee is the shit.

I love this bishette. According to the Daily Mail, Beyoncé packed 25 wigs for the tour [1].

I don’t know who the source is but I can believe that lol because she has so many set pieces for the tour.

How many wigs do you think the avg black woman owns? I don’t own any wigs.

I love Bee to the end, but I’d love to see her venture outside the blonde look. It would be cute.

and how AMAZING does Bee sound on GaGa’s Telephone remix? Get it, Beyoncétte! I love the marching drums in the track, which you can hear at Necole Bitchie.

[1] – I am so jealous that I couldn’t go again to see her. Boo!


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