Coal News: Bullying made first female Beefeater at the Tower go BALD

I find it shocking and flabbergasting that the first female Beefeater employed at the Tower of London was actually bullied.

And to make matters worse, she developed alopecia as a stress related disease due to the bullying.

What would you do if this was your mum or sister?

Moira Cameron is now suing for harassment and bullying and good on her. She was treated appallingly by these some male Beefeater who objected to having a woman work at the Tower as a Beefeater.

Oh and after 522 years, you have to have served in the Armed Forces for at least 20 years before you can be a Beefeater.

2 of the men have been suspended for alledgely defacing her uniform and leaving nasty, intimidating notes for her at work.


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