Rihanna’s Album Cover: ‘Rated R’


Russian Roulette is growing on me, but I am not sure about the direction of this album. I suppose we will find out when it is released in mid-November, but image wise, I do not understand how this is different from GGGB.

Rihanna succeeds in her element when the production of her songs are fire.

What do you think of the RR song? Do you think this album will be Rihanna’s magnum opus or has the CB controversy helped her to gain fans?

I’m looking forward to hearing the songs from the album, but image-wise I think the album cover is slightly repetitive of the so-called edgy factor.


3 thoughts on “Rihanna’s Album Cover: ‘Rated R’

  1. I think it is understable since Rihanna is going through a rough period in her life that she feels that she has to do this. However, I am not sure this is going to “sell” to her teen audience?

  2. I am very confused about Rihanna’s look, it seems very dark, I don’t know if she is going through a dark period. I remember we have quite a discussion about her voice. She is a very striking girl, but this look is so hard, I know that she has had a very public break-up with Chris Brown, plus the assault she experienced. I hope that she can come back to herself again.

    • I really like Rihanna when she is doing the SOS type tracks. Her voice really suits up tempos incredibly but I am not sure about Russian Roulette.

      She is very beautiful but again, I am not sure about the imaging for this new record. Not everything has to be dark.

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