What’s your limit?

On my way back from Bristol, I was reading LOOK magazine. LOOK is like a a cross between Grazia and Heat magazine: it showcases lots  of affordable fashion with celebby gossip. Good for a pick me up. One of the X Factor finalists from last year, Laura was featured inside, clearly doing promotion for her latest single.

In the article, they asked her how old her boyfriend is. Laura is 22. Her boyfriend is 40.

Do you think age gaps are still a ‘big deal’? Do you think black communities would be shocked by an age gap relationship?

I find the concept of age gaps fascinating. Love does not know age or does it?

When the man is older, does this mean he will tke advantage of you? I personally am attracted to older men. I am in my early 20s, so I think my limit for now is 35. I like the idea of someone with experience, but having said that, would your family accept a man who is much older than you?


2 thoughts on “What’s your limit?

  1. For me it’s always been a big deal. My parents married and had me young so we don’t have a huge gap between us; therefore, dating someone much older than me makes me cringe. My limit is 5 years older and maybe 3 years younger.

    • lol, very interesting. my siblings have quite big gaps between them so i have been used to seeing older people in my family. maybe that was my reason.

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