Vision Board: Trying to get a thick skin

When I looked at some of my summer vision board aims this autumn, I realised that I had achieved two of them.

1. Finishing my MA project before or on the 25 September

2. Writing a freelance article for  a magazine (haven’t sent it in yet but I did finish it)

One of my core aims for my future that I cannot seem to attain is trying to a thick skin. I have been betrayed and hurt by people who I thought cared and loved me. I think betrayal is one of the most painful things to del with. But we must all deal with it. One thing in particular that someone did betrayed me and for the life of me, I can’t understand why this person betrayed me like this.

One thing I am trying to do to get a thicker skin to deal with people who may betray me is:

  • Write about my feelings more in my diary that I carry around with me

I am way too sensitive as well so I am trying really hard to overcome my over-sensitivity so I can get a thick skin.

Unlike finishing a writing project, gaining a tough skin will be something I have to spend years perfecting but I am confident I can do it. Has anyone every done something to you to make you want to have a tough skin?

Sorry to bring Beyonce in it but sometimes I don’t know how she survived people saying horrid things about the La-Toya & LaTavia scandal. She must be a strong girl because that must have been incredibly hard for her.

–Aulelia going to Bristol in a few hours. Back on Wednesday night but please comment!


8 thoughts on “Vision Board: Trying to get a thick skin

  1. Hey, I just came across your blog while looking for some tips on how to develop a thick skin. This is something I am struggling with as I can get very emotional when someone says something hurtful. Recently, I finished a job doing a mural for a client and I shared my opinion on something I thought could have been done to avoid having to do floor repairs because of the paint that dripped. I later apologized for doing this (she felt disrespected) and accepted responsibility for the damage. However, when trying to initiate a discussion to possibly reach some kind of compromise over payment for the repairs, she decided to personally attack and demean me for what I said previously and then proceeded to dismiss everything I said afterward. Needless to say that, despite myself, I got quite emotional over this. I am really trying to develop a thick skin particularly in business, because people see displays of emotion as a sign of weakness and feel that they can take advantage of you and treat you how they like.

  2. @ Auleila, I think with me to get my crocodile skin, lol part of it will be requiring a sense of humor, eg not taking it to heart when people make comments about the way I look or things like that, trivial things that don’t deserve to be dwelled on and also not jumping straight on my soap-box, when I know that what I have to say is falling on deaf ears, because they don’t care. But if they don’t care about what I have to say, why should I care about what they say… in short, ignore the haters and keep movin’ on up!

  3. Love your blog!
    Yes, it’s good to be thick-skinned. I’m not naturally thick-skinned (I blame it on my star sign – Cancer…not that I actually believe in those things but it’s nice to have something to blame my sensitivity on) but I force myself to be (ask me how often that even works). It’s good to learn to filter the constructive criticism from the unnecessary malicious comments.
    Good luck with that and enjoy Bristol. The weather is amazingly good here now.

  4. Developing a thicker skin is definitely on my ‘to do list’ too. I havent been betrayed (or at least not in my knowledge) but I get easily hurt by what people say. I realise it does prevent me from moving forward with my life and takes too much of my time pondering on issues that are irrelevant.

    Focusing on positive comments and forgetting the negative ones (unless they are meant to help me develop as a person and were not ill-meant)

    • I really like your remedy Miss S! Positivity all the way. It’s just so hard sometimes and I am so like you in that I dwell on issues that are not important.

  5. This is one of the things I’ve been aiming for too, I think I’m far to over sensitive and I really have to get stronger-crocodile skin! I think I’m getting better though, but still have a long way to go. However, being sensitive isn’t always necessarily a bad thing in some situations , but when it comes to betrayal and difficult things like that, I think a thick skin is essential, and to stand up for yourself as well, that’s the part I have to work on.

    • @Olive, tell me about it! Being sensitive can be so hurtful and mean when people take advantage of it. What kinds of things will you be doing to get a crocodile skin?

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