Is Amerie a victim of lack of controversy?

Amerie is one of those peculiar artists for me, in that she is one of the only artists besides Beyoncé whose albums I have bought CDs of. But she is still struggling to connect with the public, after moving from Columbia to Def Jam. Her latest album will be released in November, but I am not sure about the UK release (I am guessing it will be earlier).

Do you think artists like Amerie struggle because they are not controversial enough? Amerie comes from a peaceful middle class background. Her sister is a lawyer. She is currently dating her manager. I honestly do not understand why Amerie is not more popular because when she gets her songs right (1 Thing, Gotta Work), they are fantastic.

I think it started to go odd for Amerie, when she did Because I Love It. The album was experimental but left me cold in many areas, because it was her first album without Rich Harrison, who as a producer knows how to make instrumentals that suit her voice.

I may be getting this album, but again, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it so I hope Amerie sticks to her trademark sound.


5 thoughts on “Is Amerie a victim of lack of controversy?

  1. A Beyonce and Amerie comparison are like apples and Oranges. A simple search for Beyonce Concert clips will settle that argument. Beyonce turns into another person when she’s performing.

    Amerie. She’s pretty. Exotic looking. But she’s boorish with a less than remarkable voice. *Makes me think of cats for some reason*.

    And although tremendously beautiful…she’s also racially ambiguous. Is she black or is she straddling the fence? When you straddle the fence in the black community we generally treat you luke warm no?

    Just my observation.

  2. I don’t know about Amerie. I always felt she was a very pretty girl who doesn’t have a great voice. I just felt that her unusual looks made her marketable, but to me her voice and music are nothing special.

    On the other hand, she is very intelligent (she has an English degree from George Washington University) and I think she has a good presence and personality on camera. I could honestly see her hosting videos or conducting interviews with celebrities. Or maybe behind the scenes in the industry. I do think she’s talented, just not so much as a singer.

    • Her voice isn’t anything special, that’s true but she does write a lot of her own material.

      I think you are right Aisha, I see her in another role like a songwriter.

  3. I don’t know why Amerie is not a bigger star. She has the talent and the looks, but maybe she does need a little controversy. Beyonce’s upbringing and lifestyle are just as normal and boring as Amerie’s, but she did have a lot of controversy back in the Destiny’s Child days, with all the changing members and accusations of favoritism. So I think Amerie does need some drama in her story to pique the interest of people who don’t already listen to her music.

    It’s sad to say, but Rhianna gained a whole new group of fans after Chris Brown beat her up. Seriously. I’ve seen older white men expressing support for Rhianna and I doubt they were the ones running to buy “Umbrella”. LOL

    • Kelley, again sound points. LOL @ you saying B’s upbringing are just as normal and boring. There is not anything boring about Bee lol!

      The controversy has really helped Rihanna and her album will be #1 all around the world, even if it is sub-par, people will still buy it.

      I think Amerie should go back to making music with Rich Harrison because he seems to be the only producer who gets her imo.

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