Why do people think Whitney was ‘rude’ on X Factor?

Now that I am back in LDN, I have had the chance to finally catch up on the X Factor episodes. For those who haven’t seen the show before, it is the most watched entertainment programme in the United Kingdom. Last year’s final which Alex Burke won, had a peak of 14.6million viewers. In a country where soaps are the most watched general shows with 7-8million viewers, the X Factor is probably the most important entertainment show to hit British television in a decade.

I was thrilled to hear that Whitney was going to be performing and giving advice to the contestants. Already, people are talking rubbish about Whitney, saying how she came across as rude to the contestants during the segments where they sing for her. First, I watched that episode on catch up and I don’t think W came across rude at all. Her and Clive were giving advice, and Whitney was firm, gracious and pleasant, but it doesn’t seem like to me that it is in her personality to have a massive fake smile on her face.

That trademark spunky personality of hers was evident and she is like that, full of fun attitude in many of her interviews. I think a lot of people who are not really familiar with Whitney or her press appearances thus thought she came across as rude, when actually she was just being firm and nice. There was one point I loved where I think she was talking to one of the contestants Rikki, and she told him that her mother was on the record that he wanted to sing for the competition and she said to him (I’m paraphrasing):

My mother is on that song and I could sing it in my sleep

I just loved how she added that lovely anecdote into the competition, highlighting the gorgeous, almost musical tapestry that she has come from.

According to the Mirror, Whitney watched Nigerian contestant Rachel and said:

That girl better not get voted out. She can sing

Doesn’t really sound like the words of a rude, arrogant singer to me. I wish people would stop hating on Whitney!

Can’t wait for the UK leg of her world tour and I will be buying the album. Did any of you watch Whitney on X Factor? Did anyone else notice that all of the contestants sang Queen of the Night at the start of the results show, but I am sad to say that even more than 8 people singing Whitney is not a patch on the original? Just proof that she truly is the business.

My review of W singing is next!

[1] – This song is a BANGER!


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