Black Girls in Magazines: Mariah in Guardian Weekend/Talks About Her Identity as a BLACK WOMAN

Just want to make sure we are all on the same page. Mariah is black. She says so in this issue of Guardian Weekend (3/10/2009) which I bought last weekend. This image below is from the feature.

Mimi 2

Full scans of the full article where Mariah categorically says: “I am a black woman who is very light-skinned” are below. Please read! I am eager to discuss with you lot 😉 There are more pix as well. Standard attribution rules apply so please share the scans but let me have the credit HA!

Mimi 1Mimi 3

Mimi 4Mimi 5

Click the images above to make bigger.

Key quotes include:

“My mother’s white…but there’s another side that makes me who I am”

When I actually went to scan this mag at university yesterday, the helpful IT man at the IT centre asked me why I was a fan of Mimi. I said: “I just love her. I think she’s great”. He said he didn’t like her because he felt like she was over the top, and preferred low-key artists like Alicia Keys. I told him that I liked Mariah because she is over-the-top but she is actually really sarcastic about it.

A lot of her post-Mottola tracks are actually very tongue-in-cheek and that is the thing about Mimi — she does know how to laugh at herself. She is one of my faves, along with Bee of course.

She is 39 now, one of the best-selling artists in recording music history but still catches flack. LOL, The one thing I do wish for her is to have children. My mum was 41 when she gave birth to my younger sister, so go for it Mimi [1], you still have loads of time!

[1] – And Tyra too, I see you there 😉


2 thoughts on “Black Girls in Magazines: Mariah in Guardian Weekend/Talks About Her Identity as a BLACK WOMAN

  1. I really like Mariah as well! I always got the impression that she was very down to earth but put on the diva act for show. I think she is very thankful for her fame and fortune. I also think she’ll be a great mom.

    As for the Black thing, I’m glad she came out in the open with her choice. Although I know she has a multiracial background, if she calls herself Black, then I welcome her with open arms.

    However, I am very careful not to call every multiracial/biracial person Black because some of them do not want to be identified as such. Or some only want to be identified when it suits them. I think whatever their choice, they should be consistent. I have no interest in claiming anyone who doesn’t want to be claimed. There are enough (proud) Black people in the world, lol. We don’t need to recruit.

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