Mags: URB Mag Folds & Condé Nast Closes Gourmet etc

 20 year old URB mag has gone on hiatus folded, according to Folio, the US industry magazine trade publication.

This is sad, but not necessarily shocking. I don’t read URB but I would always see it in the import section of music magazines in Borders in Angel & Soho. It was a US magazine that was way too expensive as an import to say the least.

Founder Raymond Roker says the magazine is going on hiatus, but we all know what that means. Remember when that beautiful print beauty called Suede went on hiatus? She never came back.

I wonder what URB’s hiatus/folding means for magazines now. Condé Nast has closed 4 US magazines including 70 year old Gourmet. I think URB’s folding means that music magazines as print entitities are no longer viable as financial products.

I absolutely love media with a passion, whether that is print or online and I am not sure how magazines are going to be looking in the future. However, I don’t think the net has killed magazines either.

Regardless, URB’s closing does spell trouble for niche print pubs that cover niche social groups such as hip hop lovers. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Mags: URB Mag Folds & Condé Nast Closes Gourmet etc

  1. Aulelia,

    I really don’t understand why some of these mags don’t merge. Vibe and this mag could have merged and still been viable. Don’t you think?

    • Hmm I don’t know. I am not American so I don’t know the ins and outs of the country’s demographic but just judging from what I saw from urb at the newsagent, they seemed to be going for a hipster audience (white/black) while Vibe *definitely* folded because it didn’t know if it was a mag for black people or for people in general.

      SMH @ Quincy thinking he can bring back Vibe online as well, while he continues to talk shit about Michael. What are the features going to have? More backstabbing stories on MJ? Am so over Vibe.

      But back to URB, I don’t think a merging could have worked and that really confuses readers as well because most people who read niche music rags are incredibly loyal and would see it as ‘selling out’ and in a way, I agree.

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