Today in Moments

Great Moment of the Day: A lovely young black couple helping their fellow sister (me) out at the French Embassy when I couldn’t find coins for a £5 note. I asked around to all types of people (non-black) and didn’t get help until the couple helped me. Thank you very much to the beautiful couple and their gorgeous baby son who was running around the gaffe!

Dumb Moment of the Day: A silly wanker boy (black like me) trying to run me over with his bastard bike in Clapham when he is riding his bike on the EFFING pavement. Get off the pavement and drive on the road like the way cyclists are supposed to do.

…and can you please wear a fucking helmet to when you are trying to mow down pedestrians on the pavement? It makes you look less like a cock.

Have you ever had days like this? Tell me 😉


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