Black Girls in Magazines: Solange in & Does HoneyMag have an Image crisis?

Images nicked with love from Monie On The Outside.

Solange: Needless to say, Solange looks wicked. This haircut really is her crowning glory in terms of her looks. She looks like an African queen who just stepped off the catwalk in lacquered thigh-high boots, and decided to go fuschia on us. She looks fantastic. What do you think? You can read Solo’s full interview here. Honey folded the print title of the mag a few years ago but have seen a renaissance of late online. But I am still ambivalent towards who they are featuring. On the front page at the time of writing this post, they had a picture of Dita von Teese on the site. But I thought the magazine was for black women?? I just am confused as to who they are targeting exactly. Whilst they do get good interviews, I am just wondering what their actual vision is and if the magazine is indeed for black women.


7 thoughts on “Black Girls in Magazines: Solange in & Does HoneyMag have an Image crisis?

  1. Aulelia,

    I think that a lot of these mags are desperate. They figure that sex and raunchy stuff is the quickest way to pull in readers. That’s too bad because Honey mags print edition was really pretty good.

    And they are probably trying to expand their demographic as well.

    • I definitely see your point Monie about the demographic issue but it is a massive u-turn to being a black woman’s mag to being a ‘woman’s mag’ and I think that is Honey’s mistake.

      It makes them look confused and unfocused. The shoots and the black celeb interviews are all that are keeping me coming back.

  2. I agree. But, look at sites like Clutch they are very popular and haven’t comprised the mission. But, yes – they are trying to get traffic any way they can. Also, I think they are targeting as I read before the urban hip-hop woman, what ever that means. Not the honey I knew and loved.

    • Clutch is a cool online magazine and I agree that their vision and message is clear and focused, which Honey definitely lacks.

      I think a brand is not built in traffic but loyalty and what they are trying to achieve. feels faddy and bandwagonish.

  3. Thanks so much! I questioned the same thing. As a past Honey fan and since I know the history of the magazine it’s a shame what they are doing over there under the new direction. SEX, SEX, and drama. They are currently covering anyone and everyone – Solider Boy included. The people they interview is not what I remember Honey for ——they are like a PlayGirl Magazine. I can’t even read it. Articles on Anal Sex, Cum Cakes, The Trey Songz and all of the artist they choose to cover, most are not rappers and singers like Pretty Ricky. I just don’t know. The photoshoots are nice, but that’s all.

    • @Confused Too, I noticed that they feature a lot on stamping (which my slag for bed exercise). I am guessing that they are jumping on the bandwagon of the net and trying to get loads of unique users.

      It’s odd because it makes their message come across as a mish-mash.

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