Charcoal reader Bianca summed up my feelings on stamping beautifully in this post when she wrote:

I really think sex releases some hormone in some peoples brains and makes them fancy people they might not have if they didn’t sleep together.

This is incredibly true.
There is something about stamping, that I think (on the whole) triggers emotional attachment in women to men. Even if you guys are not wildly in love. I really enjoyed being stamped by Stamp Man, but as the days went on, I started to have a HUGE attachment to him.
I fancied him so bad it made me cry when I didn’t get the casuality of the situation.
Here are my theories on why stamping makes you emotionally attached even if you are not in love:
1. It is associated with making babies: A child is the ultimate sign of love between a man and a woman, and making a baby is only done through sex. I think the possibility of having a child through stamping makes it this thing where two people feel even more connected.
2. The skin to skin thing! Being nakked whilst stamping makes things worse. I would suggest any girls wanting to avoid being attached to keep their skirts on at least >> nakedness looks more lovey-dovey LMFAO!
Whilst part of me is saying this in jest because I am match-fit now emotionally, I do know I have to be incredibly careful the next time I get stamped. Whilst I enjoyed having postal fun with the Stamp Man, I was not prepared for the emotional consequences/
The physical was extremely fun, but the emotional can catch up with you. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Attachment

  1. That’s really interesting and it actually is backed up by science!

    When a woman comes her brain releases a hormone called oxytocin. It’s the same hormone released when a woman gives birth and apparently helps the bonding process between mother and baby (so imagine what it does after an orgasm).

    Males don’t release the same hormone (I don’t think). So in a really general sense, women do attach more emotion to sex (good sex) than men.

    So basically Bianca was right on the money!

  2. Well what I have read and believe is this: When we have sex with someone, we are also exchanging energies. That other person’s energy can become trapped in your body and make you cling to them even when you wouldn’t have otherwise. Female bodies are the “receptors,” so it makes sense that women are usually the ones to get attached.

    • That is a fantastic theory and it really makes sense from the woman’s part as well. Because the woman is in the position of being ‘invaded’/’welcoming’ the man and thus getting his energy.

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