Did You Just F’G Do That?

My younger sister has gone to university up north. A close friend & I took her up there and we stopped over in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. It is a wicked city, that has reams and reams of shops jampacked on its’ cobbled streets. We were having a great old time window-shopping.

As we approached Wilkinsons, this silly boy walked up to me, raised his arm and….

…tried to put his fucking hand on my hair!

He looked like one of those chavvy wankers you see in big cities like Newcastle & LDN.

I just pushed his arm away before he could put it in my Afro. I was like, what the fuck? I turned around and watched him and he tried to give me a look.

You don’t put your fucking arm or hand near my hair. You simply don’t do that. The only person who got away with that was the Harlequin [1].

Why do people think it is acceptable to try and touch natural hair in public?

[1] = The Harlequin was an old boyfriend of mine, my ex. He would sometimes touch it during the act. That’s the only time it is acceptable.


7 thoughts on “Did You Just F’G Do That?

  1. The same thing happened to me just last week, except it was a girl who launched both hands in my hair, and created sound effects, and then finished off by saying “Sorry I just had to do that”
    I can’t understand why people think that’s acceptable, to actually throw their hands in someone else ‘s hair….what is up with these people!?
    I totally understand your anger here, I feel the exact came way

  2. What is the obsession? I never needed to touch anyone’s hair maybe a friend but I can never ever remembering wanting to randomly touch some strangers hair. It’s just a bizarre fascination. I totally agree with you…you just don’t do that.

    • I just find it so offensive as well. You wouldn’t walk up to a man and try and touch his knob, so why try and touch my barnet? It’s part of my body.

      I think it is tantamount to harassment.

  3. Aulelia,

    I think some White people view Black people almost as inanimate objects that they can touch at will. I’ve heard tons of stories of this happening.

    • I literally pushed it away with force. What a freak.

      LOL, a chav is a slang term here for a low-class loser and a wanker is another word for someone who masterbates too much.

      I think the marriage of terms matched him well 😉

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