Hair Food: Top 7 Products To Incorporate In Your Diet For Growth

[I’m not claiming to be a scientist or an expert; this is just a list of what I think would help to contribute to hair growth]

1. Flaxseed Oil

Charcoal reader Valerie mentioned flaxseed oil in a post before. And for good reason, flaxseed oil is laden with omega-3 fats which means that it nourishes hair and nails.

At Holland & Barrett, flaxseed oil (bottle) sells at around £9.99

2. Biotin

Biotin is another favourite for many people, as it is known to prevent greying of hair. Food sources that include this enzyme are bananas, strawberries amongst others.

At H&B, you can buy Biotin capsules for around £6.99

3. Rapeseed Oil

This oil is rich in omega-3 fats as well in its’ cold pressed formats. It is also lowest of all culinary oils in saturated fat.

4. Walnuts (& other types like Hazelnuts)

Nuts contain omega-3 fats. Nutritionists say that these should be a healthy alternative to having chocolate for snacks. I think this is one thing I need to transition on.

5. Vitamin D

They call it the vitamin for hair loss as its’ deficiency has been linked to hair loss. Vitamin D can be found in oily fish and eggs, but not many other sources.

6. Vitamin A

Spinach is a source of Vitamin A, which is another hair friend as it promotes growth. Vitamin A can also be found in brocolli.

7. Vitamin E

I think Vitamin E is one of the most important ones, because it also shows outwardly better. It is great for skin and now hair too. Apparently, it increases oxygen to the scalp which is good for hair follicles.

E45 cream is a great product of Vitamin E, but you can also buy it from H&B as an oil for £5.49.

What do you think? Which ones do you have in your diet in a weekly basis? Tell me in your comments! I like the idea of flaxseed oil, vitamin E & eating more greens.


3 thoughts on “Hair Food: Top 7 Products To Incorporate In Your Diet For Growth

  1. The sun is also a great source of vitamin D, which is why people in gloomy climates tend to be deficient. I would like to try flaxseed, and I think I need more vitamin E as well.

  2. Aulelia,

    I’m pretty sure I get enough A and D from the food I eat. Flaxseed oil sounds like something I’d like to check out.

    Thanks for the info.

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