Tutorial: How to Trim Natural Afros On A Budget

First ever tutorial. Please tell me what you think and whether you found this useful.

Tools & Products You Need:

1. Coconut Oil (£1.99 in Walthamstow)

coconut oil tutorial

2. Scissors

scissors tutorial

3. Hair bands (to section your hair)

hair hands tutorial

4. Combs (1 Rat-Tail, 1 Wide-Tooth, & 1 Denman Brush)

Combs tutorial

5. Mirror (not pictured)


Step 1: Section your hair

Use your rat-tail comb to part your hair. I did 3 parts on both sides so 6 sections in equal. This is a side shots of my sections.

sectioned hair tutorial

Step 2: Pick your hair in your section

front of hair tutorial

Pull your hair down to see the ends of your hair.

Step 3: Comb your hair with coconut oil

My tip is to never comb your hair dry. Put the coconut oil in before you comb it. When you comb each section before trimming, alternative with the wide tooth and the Denman for one section. E.G: One section = Denman & One section = Wide tooth.

I found this gave my hair texture and was especially good for the back of my hair, which is softer when brushed with a Denman.

Step 4: Trim your hair

Trim your hair in a linear way, holding the scissors straight. I took off half an inch from the front and cut the split ends too. In the back, I took 2″ off the two back sections because my hair was dry, brittle and the split ends were not sexy.

How much you take off is up to you but my way is to take more off the back and less in the front, because the front of my hair is healthy.

That’s it!

Analysis Pictures

1. Shedded hair from combing with Denman before trimming

brush shedding tutorial

Picture above is the amount of hair I shedded from combing with the Denman.

2. Shedded hair with wide-tooth comb before trimming

comb shedding tutorial

3. Amount of hair trimmed from tutorial

trimmed hair tutorial

I hope this helps!

Let me know what you think of this tutorial. Give me your stories on trimming your hair and what you would do.

The day I trimmed my hair: 26 September 2009

Next trim: 26 November 2009 or that week.


One thought on “Tutorial: How to Trim Natural Afros On A Budget

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