Whitney on Oprah: Why Powerful Women & Weaker Men Don’t Work…

Just seen a few short clips of Whitney on Oprah, but I don’t have Diva on my telly so I can’t watch the full thing yet. Here’s a short clip of Whitney talking about Bobby:

Whitney makes a comment about how when the woman has power in a relationship (which in this case was W’s career), this can cause trouble in a relationship.


Why is it that an ambitious woman cannot be with a non ambitious man, but an ambitious man can be with a non-driven woman?

I am delighted to see Whitney look healthy and stunning! She has always been a beautiful, gorgeous woman, but she looks great.

And is it just me or is her speaking voice like milk & honey? Honestly, I could listen to her read me a book all day. I love her speaking voice.

**don’t get mad at me, cos I’m still gon’ be….oh you’re wrong don’t wanna respect my song but it’s okay cos either way…** >> charcoal points for guessing which Whitney song that is from LOL!

P/S – I know Whitney was born in the north of the US, but does anyone else think she has a Southern accent a little?


12 thoughts on “Whitney on Oprah: Why Powerful Women & Weaker Men Don’t Work…

  1. Bobby was triflin’ and I’m glad she got away from him and has her dignity. He’s been cheating on her from day one, he fed her drug addiction, and he treated her like shit. When she said on Oprah that Bobby ones spit on her, oh, hell no!!

    • Whitney is so classy. And I love her attitude.

      Do you also get the impression that she has bags of wit? She came across well here.

      • PLENTY. She’s from Newark, New Jersey… one of the most “hood” places in the U.S. She’s very classy but will bust a fool over the head just like she did to big ass insecure baby Bobby brown. ๐Ÿ˜

    • I just came back from overseas less than 48 hours ago and am jet-lagged like a muh-fugga. I was too tired to see the whole interview but girl, lemme tell you….. when she said that he SPIT on her….. that bullshit right THERE….. woke me the fuck up for a minute. ๐Ÿ˜ He would’ve been in some hospital’s intensive care unit when I was finished. ๐Ÿ˜

  2. If the “power” isn’t rubbed in his face (which some women do and that’s not cool at all), then it shouldn’t be a problem. But men are corny and immature so even when it’s not rubbed in their faces (which is most of the time), they need to feel more powerful and have their di… oops, egos stroked. :-/ Therefore, although they claim that they want an “independent” woman, they always go back to Captain Save-A-Broad behaviors and wind up with them instead.

    Good that she got rid of his insecure, trifling, whoring ass.

    • I love your turn of phrase, ph2072 especially when you say “they always go back to Captain Save-A-Broad behaviors and wind up with them instead.”

      Couldn’t agree more. This could be the start of a great chapter in Whitney’s life.

      • I hope so. And she needs to RUN away from weak ass, insecure ass, punk ass men who can’t value her for all of her characteristics. Drop the zeros and get with a hero.

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