Mad Men: Is Betty Draper Going To Have (Another) Affair?

This show is slowly going to end me.

Just watched 3×03 again, the episode with Roger’s nonsense blackface. I realised something. That man who was with a date fancies Betty hard.

Do any Mad Men fans in the US know if this attraction will go further? I just need to know because judging from the episode at the garden party, Betty fancies the man as well.

Please!!! Am desperate to know – Kelley, and any other MM watchers, your opinions are needed! I am sick and tired of Don being the only one having affairs.

P/S – I absolutely adore Trudy’s character and the actress who plays her. Genius casting her & Pete together.


2 thoughts on “Mad Men: Is Betty Draper Going To Have (Another) Affair?

  1. Well, since you want to know, I’ll provide the SPOILER:

    Thus far, we have not seen the man since and it seems that it was nothing at all. I think he was supposed to symbolize something, but I don’t know what. But with Mad Men who knows. He could be back later on.

    • @Kelley, thanks for posting. Ahh that’s a shame because Betty was eyeing him up like a piece of meat at the butchers! Nice for a change.

      I was hoping he’d be her mister for the series. But like you said, Mad Men. Hopefully he will pop up later.

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