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Finally, someone from Concrete Loop in the comments who makes sense!


Monday, September 14, 2009 /

People kill me! Nobody wants Beyonce to have it all–beauty, success, talent, a supportive family and a loving, loyal husband. But maybe she does? Jay’s almost 40 years old. He’s got fortune and fame. You think he needed to marry Beyonce for anyting? NO! Hello! He married her because he WANTED to! Because he was ready to settle down and commit to HER! Of course he’s in the same place with Rihanna. He signed her, they work together. COME ON, people! It never ceases to amaze me how fans of Rihanna or those who hate Beyonce (and they seem to be 1 in the same in here) are willing to root for Rihanna being a trifling homewrecker if it means Beyonce gets the knock. PATHETIC!

You better PREACH!

I wish people would stop trying to create a love triangle between Rihanna, Bee & Shawn Carter. As the commenter says, Rihanna works with Jay-Z, he is her boss and that is that. Beyoncé & Jay are married, to be frank. Why on earth would a man who is approaching 40 go after a 21 year old when he is married to a 28 year old? Come on!

I love Jayonce + stop trying to tear ’em down people! Rihanna can be successful and so can Bee independent of each other.


3 thoughts on “Comment of the Week!

  1. for real all the Beyonce hating is boring now. people are hating on her for her success. little do they know they are helping to keep her relevant

  2. People really need to get off of it. Jay Z is married to Beyonce, but he is still a known player. Ask anyone in ATL about his down south groupie girlfriend. Beyonce turns a blind eye just like she saw her mother do. She has the fame and enough money to swim in if she wants to. She and Jay obviously have some kind of agreement.

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