I’ve Been Interviewed on Leave In The Kinks!

So humbled right now.

Miss Fizzy @ Leave In The Kinks, a wicked natural hair blog, interviewed me for Errol’s Do You Have An Afro? photo series. I feel so happy so please check it out!


4 thoughts on “I’ve Been Interviewed on Leave In The Kinks!

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  2. Jamie as an African that lives in Africa I can tell you that natural hair is not the norm. If you’ve read my blog at all, you would know that. Somehow the insecurities that black people have with their hair managed to wade across the atlantic to us.

  3. i read your interview, very informative.

    i’m sure that in africa it is more “the norm” to see someone with natural hair.. here in the states alot of people relax their hair though…
    i went to an afro/caribe street festival this weekend and as i scanned the huge crowd, i noticed that almost all the women had their hair relaxed which was interesting (to say the least)

    good luck with your degree, visit my blog and feel free to post about what life is like across the pond in the uk!

    you know, african americans are fascinated to no end with our african/black brit brethren!

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