Fashion Notes: Booby Trap

[Image nicked from Monie on the Outside]

Keri @ VMAs = Bad Bitch!

How are Keri’s ta-ta’s holding up? Titty tape can’t be the only thing. I am a big-chested girl (UK G-Cup) so I know my dreams of wearing a top like this are a distant dream. Do any of you wear tops with huge plunging V’s like that? What do you do about your ta-ta’s? What kind of attention do you get from men?

And don’t even dream of saying strapless bras to me, because these G Cups & strapless bras do not mate properly. Trust me!


7 thoughts on “Fashion Notes: Booby Trap

  1. I heart this top! A few years ago when I partied hard at Uni and was a mere U.K A-B cup. I would wear a backless halter that had a piece to cover each boobie, which was joined at the waistband. I had to use boob tape, otherwise the thing would probably expose me. I loved the look, but not the negative attention.

  2. when i lose weight I hope to be back down to G CUP. get a corset or have one made. yes you can wear strapless but they do feel firm on nthe sides and back./

  3. Aulelia,

    I think Keri is beautiful but..she is all over the place with her views and actions. Why did she make a record with R.Kelly? That’s disgusting. And she said in an interview that she doesn’t want to be too sexual and yet she has simulated sex on stage during her shows? I really don’t know what to make of her anymore?

    • I don’t really see the R Kelly thing bc he wrote songs for Whit’s new album. I don’t think you can be guilty by association like that because in that case, most people in the industry are guilty!

      which would include ur girl A Keys who worked on whitney’s album, which R Kelly worked on!

      • But Alicia J didn’t work directly with RKelly. She only wrote a song that ended up on an album with a song he wrote right? Big difference.

  4. That’s a crazy top! She has a scar and stretch marks. Which means you can still be HOT and human. Love it! [I would never wear something like this. Not my style. But if I were a celeb, I’m sure I would for my job.]

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