Afro Hair Picture: My Friend T’s Brilliant Hair Colour

Last week, I was hanging out with my mate TJ whose natural Afro hair makes me green with envy. Just gorgeous. She added some colour in it and she kindly allowed me to share the beautiful colour on the blog. Ain’t it just gorge?

TJ's hair 2

Beautiful! Have you ever dyed your hair? I did once, jet black but does that count?


8 thoughts on “Afro Hair Picture: My Friend T’s Brilliant Hair Colour

  1. Hey guys.That color looks really nice.I’m African with natural black dreadlocks and I was wondering if there is a way to color my hair to a permanent grey?If anyone could help me out I’d really appreciate it.

  2. Heyy
    What colour dye did you use??
    I love my afro and but i want it the same colour as my previous braids
    Could you please let me know what brand and colour was used on this hair in the pictures?
    Es X

  3. That’s such a beautiful color. My hair has been red, blonde, even purple for a (very) short time. Seeing your friend’s color makes me want to head to the salon for some highlights. Hmm…

  4. I love that color. I’ve dyed my hair like that twice, once relaxed and once just before I started my locs. I got tired of it after a few years and dyed my hair black, and I continue to dye my edges cause like pnc I’ve been graying from my early 20.

  5. My hair is dyed brown, but lightens up a little in the sun. My hair is salt n pepper, since I was 20. I’m entirely too young to go grey so I’ll dye my hair on my deathbed.

  6. I love her color! My hair is dyed right now. The first time I had bleach highlights. Now I have full color (brown) as well as bleach (blond) in some parts. Color is so fun. It’s almost like you have to be natural to really experiment because color and relaxer don’t mix! For some reason I find the permanent color more drying than the bleach, and it’s more work to get the shade you want. Next time I will stick to bleach. And I would not color my full head again.

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