Black Girls in Magazines: Lock up your sons, Rihanna’s Vogue Italia shoot is here

I think Rihanna is malleable. She has a lovely, baby-like face which must be great to style. I have read some comments on many blogs praising Rihanna for being a great model, and whilst I agree, you have to also give bare credit to Vogue Italia for doing such a fantastic job styling her.

All pix seen here @ Rihanna Daily. There are stacks more pictures so click there to see them.

Here are my favourite shots. Tell me what you think!

rihanna 3

1. [Why I like this one: Suspender & hold up tights! YES to them. I also really like the hat. She looks like an Amazonian toy-soldier with that hat on]

rihanna 2

2. [Why I like this one: The mixture of the Roman centurion style leg shields and the aqua blue dress is arresting. Keep reading to see the most controversial picture of her wearing pasties. By the way, her body is sick but I think she has lost bare weight. She has lost a LOT of weight & booty since her 2nd album. She looks less curvy, but it would be nice to see her looking curvier]

rihanna 1

3. [Why I like this one: Whilst I am not crazy about the boobs on show like that or the pasties, I have to say that her body looks lean & mean in this shot. Despite her weight loss, her torso looks wicked. I think Meisel was really trying with the Amazonian theme for this. Wasn’t it always said that the Amazonian women went into war topless with their breasts out? Just a thought!]


Fantastic photo shoot. Rihanna takes a wicked picture, no doubt about that. I definitely think she is trying to appeal to the older demographic for her next album as well judging by the tone of the images. At any rate, I think she is okay with music. The songs are catchy and it’s all in the production for her, not the performance and that is okay.

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Black Girls in Magazines: Lock up your sons, Rihanna’s Vogue Italia shoot is here

  1. Amazing layout!

    This is exactly what American fashion was in the 80s! It’s so boring now with Jennifer Aniston on EVERY cover. Back then, there were at least five times the amount of black models seen today, in every American fashion mag. Especially Elle.

    Vogue Italia rocks. As long as they do this, I will continue to spend my dollars on their mags. I just hope this issue doesn’t cost $15 (like the last black model issue). Still, I’m getting it.

  2. Aulelia,

    I’ve always thought Rihanna looks like a doll. She has such a cute baby face.

    I think the pics are nice. I agree that she’s probably going after a new or larger demographic with these pic.

    Btw, I saw some pics of her in a club not too long ago w/ pasties on.

    Also I know a lot of people say she can’t sing. I personally don’t agree. I love her voice. I especially love it when she doesn’t wash out her accent. It’s her accent that makes her sound unique.

    • @Monie, thanks for commenting.

      The pasties HAVE to go. LOL. I think they are cute behind closed doors but it is not like you are going to bop down the road in pasties??? LMFAO.

      She does look brilliant.

      I actually like a lot of her older songs! She just needs to find one type of musical style and try and evolve that, instead of doing too many styles because
      that confuses people.

      In regards to her demographic, I think she is trying to crossover even more and appeal to older people.

      I know a lot of people are obsessed with her being a fashion icon etc (I don’t think she is personally) but I really like a lot of her music so I am curious to see what this next alb will look like.

      P/S – Please check your emails.

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