Fashion Notes: Where can I wear OverKnee Tights & FME Pumps?

This is why I love Charcoal comments so much. You lot are so intelligent and knowledgeable. In this post, I talked about wanting to get thigh high booties. Charcoal readers ph2072, missra & Lita weighed in on the issue of thigh high booties. Lita suggested wearing knee high tights & heels instead. I think this is a fab idea, thank you very much! It is also more cost-efficient and it means I get to execute the look quicker and cheaper than saving £100 to buy the Topshop thigh high booties.

The picture below are Louboutins. Obviously I am not going for Louboutins, but the look I am aiming to do in two weeks time when I have some money saved up is black court shoes with a platform + overknee black tights.

Costs of the Outfit

  • Black Court shoes from Dorothy Perkins: £30 [I have already seen the pair I love in Dotty P in Walthamstow] [1]
  • Pamela Mann Overknee Socks: £5.99 [If I buy them online here at]

Please tell me what you think of the look of overknee thights & black F me pumps. Also, if you were me, what kind of dress would you pair them with? How would you make them look elegant and slick, as opposed to schoolmarmish? I want to hear your suggestions.

Here’s a revised idea of what I think.

Autumn, wintry look: Woolly jumper dress, overknee tights + black courts. No boobies showing whatsoever.

What are your thoughts?

[1] – I can walk in high heels if they have a platform! Woop!


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