Open Thread: You Know What Today Is…

…of course you do!

Happy birthday, Mike!

Please feel free to talk amongst yourselves. My net is down for a little while so I am at university writing this post.

Please tell me in your comments what your current MJJ song is. Mine is Blood on the Dancefloor.

“Susie’s got your numner” is one of the wickedest lyrics I have ever heard and that bit when he sings “she’s got your baby” gets me everytime.


5 thoughts on “Open Thread: You Know What Today Is…

  1. You know I was just watching flash mobs of MJ tributes around the world on youtube yesterday evening. I would love to be in a flash mob. Most of them dance his routine from Thriller and Beat It, there is one that is latest from his This Is It Rehearsals. And I think two of his male dancers are in this flashmobamerica to raise money for Haiti. They had regular people who I am sure was taught to learn the dance routine. I miss Michael Jackson and his music. This man was himself, and society just ripped him up to no ends. I wondered if they would truly looked in him for what he gives and shared, he would still be here today.

    Though I am sure he was having his own internal pain. He was a special miracle and a world class genius in all he did for this world from his own writing songs, humanitarian, philanthropist, performer/dancer, and truly a philosophical being. One of my favorite songs is “Butterflies” from him. This song I feel did not get its recognition deserved! It’s so beautiful. Like he was. Anyone with taste cannot stay still when they hear MJ music.

  2. Ha, ha Aisha, I jammed there too! Great wasn’t it? And yes, This Place Hotel has been in rotation. Even though it’s a Jackson’s tune, there’s something about it that could have easily been a track on Thriller. Plus I like Michael’s “hees” and “hoos” in it.

    Anyway I have pics on my blog from the celebration. Fun stuff…

    • Cool. Shall be checking out the pix.

      “Seven inches in”…..”blood is on the dancefloor”

      Michael was a beast on that song.

  3. Michael it’s your birthday!
    Happy Birthday Michael!

    Just got back from the Spike Lee MJ Celebration in Prospect Park. I’m glad I went despite the rainy weather. Soooo many people came. We just jammed to Michael’s tunes all day. It was upbeat and festive as opposed to the somberness of his memorial.

    Hmmm, my current MJ favorite. That’s hard to choose. It’s between “This Place Hotel” and “Heaven Can Wait.”

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