Vision Board Goal: Is A Waist A Number?

Over the coming days and weeks, I will be sharing some goals I have on my vision board list. One of them is to attain the waist I used to have before I ballooned in weight.

Current Situation:  Here is a breakdown of how weight loss has affected my waist:

12 June: 32″

19 June: 31″

28 August: 29.7″

My vision board goal aim is to have…

a 27″ inch waist.

When I was slim in 2007, my waist was 28″ and I was a UK size 8. *sigh*. Those were the days.

Do you guys remember that curvy outfit Bee wore for her IAM tour advertisements? Thierry Mugler designed it. Apparently, Bee’s PR people said that the outfit Mugler designed had a 23″ waist on it, and was corseted to 19″!

Incredible. I know that 27″ is attainable if I work hard at it and stop gorging on food.

Waist inches lost since 12 June: 2.3″


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