Why Having a Vision Works…Part 1

My little sister recently got 3 AAA’s at her A-Level exams and is now going to a very prestigious university in the north of England. I asked her how she motivated herself to get a perfect line of grades.

What she said proves that the vision board thing/vision is true and real.

She told me that she told herself that she HAD to get 3 AAAs. She kept telling herself it was the ultimate thing she had to do. I love this. I read about vision boards, and even though my sister didn’t create a vision board per se, she did have a vision of what results she wanted to get and she got them.

Have you ever told yourself that you need to achieve something and then achieved it?

I told myself that I needed to shed the 74 Kilos I was in May & June. I couldn’t get the weight off. By the time I got to my sisters wedding in August, I weighed myself and  I was…….

65 Kilos.

I couldn’t believe it. It proves that having a vision can work if you apply yourself. I think my weight has gone up a little but the point is, I got to 65 because I tried.

Do you want to share your vision? Put it in the comments + maybe we can all encourage each other!


8 thoughts on “Why Having a Vision Works…Part 1

  1. also, congrats to your little sister she will accomplish big things. Its funny because my sister is the younger sister too…but I look up to her 🙂

  2. Aulelia,

    If you can’t visualize it you can’t do it! I’m a firm believer that you have to have a certain vision of your success in order to achieve anything.

    Congratulations to your lil’ sis!

  3. Having a vision works! There’s a way to do it though. You have to be positive.

    My sister made a vision board 2 years ago and the following year EVERY SINGLE GOAL came true. She pulled it out and showed it to me last month…she completed her first marathon, got an invitation to the Presidential Inaguration (she went), was asked to be a guest speaker at a church (she wants to be a Christian Counselor). I was so happy for her…so a few weeks ago we both made vision boards for this year.

    I suggest you check out 2 DVD’s: The Secret and Beyond the Secret. Both discuss how to create your vision and see it come to fruition.

    Ask. Believe. Receive.

    Oprah After The Show about The Secret -PART 2- March 17, 2007

  4. having a vision is def. mandatory if you want to get anywhere! congrats to both you and your sister for setting your intentions and making it happen!

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