Fashion Notes: Thigh High Boots & African Headwraps!

Sounds like a bizarre combination, but it is something I am working on achieving because for some reason in my head, it looks like it could work. It just sounds gorgeous to me for some odd reason! I am aiming for black, almost wet-looking thigh boots, to be paired with a neutral colour dress of sorts (maybe black or grey) and to top it off, a black Ghanian style headwrap.

[Image: Style La Mimi]

Would you wear thigh high booties or are they a step too far? Also if you would wear them, where exactly would you wear them? Can’t imagine anything more awkward than going to someone’s house in TH booties & them asking you to take your shoes off…

Topshop have a pair of thigh high booties for £100.


7 thoughts on “Fashion Notes: Thigh High Boots & African Headwraps!

  1. i had a personal tutor who wore them, and she always quite crazy in a tiny room in UCL’s english department (it helped that she was also, quite crazy). i think you could get some fuck-me knee highs (pardon my french) and get some more wear from them. i love the aesthetic though 🙂

    • @Lita, thanks for commenting. I like your idea of doing knee-high tights a lot! It is cheaper and I can implement the idea asap which is ideal for me.

      You have helped a lot. Good for your personal tutor for wearing them! Isn’t UCL very high brow though? I bet she stood out.

  2. I own a pair (bought in October) and wore them once, but they’re too tight on my feet and I haven’t worn them since. I hope to sell them and would definitely get another pair (that fits of course). I like them because they’re the total opposite of who I am and I’d wear them for shock value – club, lounge, party. To clean the house, cook, run errands, etc. or for a man? Hell naw. 😐

  3. I wish I could pull them off, but I do feel like they’re just a little too over-the-top and impractical. I really have no idea where I would ever wear them. If I were going to be in a fashion show or could use them in some sort of costume for a party, I’d don them in a second – soo cool! But showing up to class at 7:45 am in those….? Er…no thanks.

    • @missra, I understand exactly where you are coming from — the issue is deffo > where do you wear them? I have concluded that they would be good to wear on a day out or if you are going out to eat at a nice restaurant. I think they are just so sexy and gorgeous to look at!

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