Yoga & Diversity

Zoning Out

Zoning Out

I have been practicing yoga for the past 5 months, and it is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Seriously. The practice of yoga, which means “union,” first began thousands of years ago in Africa. It is a total workout for your mind, body and soul. I find it very calming for my mind and emotions. I have also lost a lot of weight since starting. This surprised me, because yoga doesn’t seem as vigorous as say running. It’s a more subtle workout, yet very effective.

However, one of the things that disturbs me about the current yoga community is the lack of diversity. Most yogis in the United States are white individuals with high disposable income. I hate how everyone acts like white people invented yoga in the last 30 years. Wrong!

I am here to say that yoga is for EVERYONE. The benefits are wonderful, and it’s a shame more people aren’t participating, especially Black people. We need this more than anyone.


8 thoughts on “Yoga & Diversity

    • I just wanted to say, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in the black community. I just think Black people need to show our presence more as students and instructors and reap the benefits. Good luck!

  1. I am so trying Yoga and Pilates. I bought Yoga training for my DS it so far has taught me that I need to work on my breathing. I am not flexible at all. If it was possible to attend a class I would. Just gonna make what I got work

    • Yeah, it really is better to take a class so you can get adjustments and make sure you are doing the poses properly. But at the same time, I did videos at home too before I could find a class. Gotta start somewhere.

  2. Aisha,

    What a coinkidink! I was looking at a yoga magazine at the market today and it had a Black woman on the cover. I think the mag was titled Yoga. Have you seen it?

    Have you tried bikram yoga? My friend did and she said it’s a real hard workout.

    • I think you saw “Yoga Journal” with Dr. Terri Kennedy on the cover. That’s a pretty good magazine.

      I haven’t try Bikram yet: I’m too scared! I’ve also heard that its very intense. The way I sweat in class, I can’t imagine being in a room that over 100 degrees. I would faint, lol.

  3. I’ll be honest, the one thing that’s preventing me from trying Yoga at the moment is $$
    I’ve always been attracted to the benefits of the exercise, but near and around where I live, Yoga sessions are of the riduculous $$ factor! I’ve purchased tapes before, but could never get the mood just right. I have a friend who’s pushing me to try again, and I’m thinking it might be time.
    Thanks for the encouragement;-)

    • Classes can definitely be pricey. But if you look around, hopefully you can find a free or low- price class. Good luck!

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