Product Review-Hairveda Whipped Cream

Yesterday my hair was feeling drier than the Sahara Desert, so I reached for one of my favorite moisturizers, Whipped Cream 3in1 Ends Hydration, Leave-In & Moisturizer by Hairveda.


After applying this to my hair, I realized why I have been frantically searching for it the last couple weeks (it was hiding under the bed).  Natural hair craves moisture, and this delivers.

As the name implies, this product is reach, creamy and sweetly scented (like strawberries & cream). The consistency is that of a thick lotion.  In my opinion, Whipped Cream rivals overpriced more expensive moisturizers from brands such as Miss Jessie’s, Curls  and Blended Beauty. It costs $6.50 for 8oz. I find it works well applied to wet, damp or dry hair.

The ingredients are: Water, Glycerin, Ricinus Communis Oil, Beeswax Lauryl Laurate, Copernica Cerifera Wax, Cetyreal Alcohol, Proysorbate 60, Steryl Alcohol, Sunflower Oil, Allantoin, Isopropryl Palmitate, Germall Plus, Fragrance

Note: I sent an e-mail to Hairveda asking if they deliver internationally (they are based in the U.S.) . I will let you know as soon as I get an answer.

Update: Hairveda does ship to the U.K. Of course the postage will vary depending on what is ordered.


4 thoughts on “Product Review-Hairveda Whipped Cream

  1. Oh Aisha, love this. Thanks for asking them on our behalves if they send to the whole world.

    And hell yes to the strawberry and cream fragrance. Does it leave your hair super soft?

    • Yes! It leaves the hair very soft and moisturized. I still haven’t heard back from them yet about shipping. It can be difficult to find an affordable moisturizer with natural ingredients.

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