Black Couple of the Week: Djimon Married Kimora!

Too cute for words. Really happy to hear that Djimon Hounsour married Kimora. I posted about them ages ago  in my top 15 black celebrity couples.


[Image seen @ CL]

And yes for the last time people, Kimora is black. Cute baby. Random question but does anyone think Kimmy will take Djimon’s surname instead of being KLS?


16 thoughts on “Black Couple of the Week: Djimon Married Kimora!

  1. aww baby looks cute but seeing her program she seems domineering and dfimon doesn’t look like the sorta guy to get bossed was only 2 yrs ago i found out kimora was mixed she looks more korean.not so sure about the nose job could b someone else who looks similar

  2. Ha ha, Kimora was a friend’s roommate years ago. Always used to see her (when she had a natural afro) at their house parties in the 90s. I can’t believe she named her baby after a designer. Cute.

  3. That is a gorgeous picture! And little Kenzo is so handsome and adorable!

    The two of them make a beautiful couple. I hope they last. Dijmon is more of a man than Russell, if you ask me.

    • @Kelley, I so understand what you mean about Djimon being more of a man than Russell. I get that impression too. Djimon seems old-school like a gentleman. I’m delighted they are married.

      Kimora is glowing. She needs her own talk show or something. Love her.

      • Djimon can handle Kimora. She seems less “out there” and more like a mature woman than she was with Russell. And to me it seemed like once Kimora started to become a successful businesswoman in her own right, Russell got jealous and started openly cheating on her with young girls, mostly blondes. He’s over 50 years old chasing L.A. bimbos who are younger than half his age. That’s very childish to me.

        Kimora’s got her a real man in Djimon. He does have something old-school about him.

        • Yes I wholly agree. Djimon looks like a real man and I think the old-school thing about him sticks.

          He looks like a real gent and yes to Russell’s WTF antics. He is so bizarre having affairs with women half his age.

  4. Aulelia, can I ask you a question? Why do you automatically say Kimora “is ” black when it is obvious the woman is part Asian? Kimora
    is not just black the woman is clearly part Japanese.
    Kimora is both she is Japanese/African American. Why are you “ignoring” Kimora’s Asian roots?

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