What is Black Beauty?

Is it this….

kathleen cleaver

Kathleen Cleaver on the cover of JET – 2 Dec ’71

or is it this?

Alek Wek – supreme supermodel from Sudan.

Is black beauty a dichotomy of a mish-mash?

It’s pretty clear to me that both concepts of black beauty that I put on this post are two examples of it. Black people are not only beautiful if they are dark or light, we are beautiful because of who we are.

I have never understand the colourism thing to be honest. How can any black person legitimitely say that you prefer light over dark? I admit, back back back when I was younger, I used to think this kind of thinking was okay but I never realised how destructive it was to say that darker skinned men were more ‘attractive’. I was doing it to be more pro-black, but that isn’t pro-black, in fact it is anti-black.

Dark or light, blackness is so beautiful. As Denzel said in the Great Debaters, all those words such as blacken and denigrate hurt us.

Keep it beautiful, don’t discriminate against your fellow brother or sister because of their shade!


5 thoughts on “What is Black Beauty?

  1. i think the amazing thing about black people is that we come in a variety of colors and tones and we still consider ourselves black! amen and amen!

  2. I think black folks of all complexions should be considered representatives of black beauty. But I know for SOME their ideas of what is beautiful as far as black men and women are concerned are very NARROW. I know quite a few people who base attractivness by skin color alone (and even hair texture and eye color in some instances). My aunt is one of these people. She is of a medium brown complexion and considers anyone who is darker, no matter their facial features to be ugly, AUTOMATICALLY, unless of course they have “good hair” or light eyes she may make an exception. I find this way of thinking so odd, maybe because I don’t have a preference as far as skin color/eye color/hair type is concerned, though I do REALLY like guys with nice smiles and sadly I DO discriminate with height 5’7 and over please lol.

    • Colourism hurts me so much. It’s such a sad keepsake from slavery. We will just keep ourselves down if we can’t move past it.

      The eye colour thing is crazy to me….so bizarre that people can judge like that. LOL @ I do discriminate with 5’7″ — that’s funny love!

  3. Good topic!

    I think Black beauty is various things to me:
    – A reflection of an inner confidence that comes from knowing your roots and who you are today.
    – Being comfortable in your skin (quite literally lol!) and not trying to comform to what expectations are thrown on you by the media/society/etc.
    – Accepting and celebratig diversity within the Black race (different cultures, global location, languages, skin tones, facial features etc.)
    – Expressing your Self on the outside (clothing etc.) for who you feel in the inside.

    …Just a few things that came to mind!

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