I Did Something Wicked on Monday…

…a while back, I replied to an advert on gumtree from Errol, a photographer from London, who was looking for people with Afros. I replied, thinking it would be a great laugh and something to build my confidence because I  hate having my picture taken (and lol taking pix of my hair doesn’t count!). I had a great time! I have never done any modelling a day in my life so technically my first time.

Errol is taking these pictures for his Afro set which you can see on flickr here. I don’t think I am a good model at all, but he kindly sent me one of the pictures of me today:

kagem photoshoot

Still can’t believe that’s me. I also did this as an experiment to see  if I am losing weight. What do you think? When I come back from TZ, I will post more pix of the shoot.

[NB: Image copyright: Errol Photography]


30 thoughts on “I Did Something Wicked on Monday…

  1. i loved this when i saw it on lecoil. and because i loved your blog and recognised your face, i was inspired to apply! good lawd.

  2. This is a very nice picture, very on trend. Lol, it looks like one of those gap adverts or something. Or one of the random modelesque (is that a word??) pictures you see on the underground, you know, those big posters of black females such as Shingai Shoniwa.

    Off topic: recently you were talking about light – skin, dark – skin issues and I found an interesting video


  3. Aulelia,

    I am absolutely sure that when you posted this photo you knew I would post it on my blog! And I did! You look amazing! Please do not lose any more weight. You look so perfect. You are such a beauty!

  4. Oh my goodness what a fantastic picture. You’re absolutely stunning Aulelia! It’s nice to see women your age embracing their natural hair.

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