Beyoncé’s Legs = Perfection!

Okay yes, I am aware some of my blog gang don’t feel the Queen but no one can deny that this woman has the most AMAZING pair of legs. She is stunning. This is her out & about yesterday with her husband.

The baddest in the game, sorry haters!

The baddest in the game, sorry haters!

I really need to diet…


19 thoughts on “Beyoncé’s Legs = Perfection!

  1. Her legs are epically perfect and sexy! I wish I could just caress that silky smooth perfect skin.

  2. Well I’m from Texas and I think not wearing pantyhose is whorish and nasty looking. Pantyhose smooth a lady out. And I wish more women took the time to exercise, remove body hair, shower, do their faces (cause yes, we ‘do’ our faces down here) dress their hair, and spritz on cologne, and read the bible. I rather be overdone than underdone with typical hair and no makeup. Don’t hate investigate. Find out how to look like a superstar. And she was probably on her way to rehearsal as pantyhose help support the back fools!

    • I’m sorry but i lived in Texas for a very long time, my family still does, & when wearing short’s, please, we don’t wear pantyhose!!! No body wears pantyhose anymore, & what do they support??? I don’t wanna get graphic, as I am a Lady…but serious??? What is ur problem. she’s a beautiful Lady, & trust me, I think that woman that do their face’s & use all the product’s you do, is either because they ugly, or they a whore. Try looking at urself, instead of being a hater. I myself when I was younger, before bearing 4 son’s had perfect legs myself. But I sure isn’t use pa those when wearing short’s!!!

  3. WTH are you guys talking about??? Everybody knows that Tina Turner has the best legs…and that’s official…she got them suckers insured and everything…Beyonce’s legs are nice but they can’t hold a candle to Tina’s sorry.

    • LMFAO…Um…how about no??

      Bee is killing the leg game singlehandlely. I do actually like ‘Licia but she can’t catch Beyetta.

    • I don’t think Alicia is killing the leg game at all, but Beyonce doesn’t have the best legs in the business either. I wouldn’t want legs like Alicia or Beyonce. I’d take Rihanna’s or Keri Hilson’s or Kelly Rowland’s legs any day.

      Beyonce is so Texas wearing pantyhose in August with shorts! LOL. I can see wearing them on stage but in real life, that’s country. Touring is a good weight loss program cause she’s always slim when she’s on tour.

      • @Kelley, Oh My Days, you did not just say Bee’s legs are not the business LOL.

        You are lucky
        my stan game is mellow today 😉

        Keri’s legs are a close 2nd. I honestly see Bee’s legs as the best, and stanning aside, I really need to start doing 300 squats or whatever the amount is that she does.

        I love that she wears tights in August. I still wear tights in the summer and LOL @ how Americans call it ”pantyhose” >> they are tights 🙂

        • Well, Beyonce’s “tights” are country as hell! LOL. She is so Texas wearing plaid jumper and pantyhose!

          • LMFAO @ you using ‘tights’. First, Bee is definitely down to earth in regards to her roots. In her intonation when she speaks, she definitely still has her Southern twang.

            But I like that she does the down to earth thing instead of wearing haute couture just to go out.

            It makes her approachable and down to earth.

            Get it, Bee — you are the best and Kelley knows it regardless of the tights you wear.

            • LOL! I’ll give her this much, she’s killing the “tights” game! Next time I go to Texas, I’m gonna rock some pantythose with jean shorts and some flip flops and keep it country in honor of Beyonce. LOL.

              • LMFAO Kelley. You are so funny. B’s tight game is exactly that: tight.

                What does country mean btw? Does it mean like ghetto?

                Get it, Beyonce!

                • No, country is not ghetto. Beyonce is totally Texan. They overdo everything. And for anyone on this blog from Texas, no shade!

                  Beyonce is country because she is all about big hair, loud colors, heavy makeup, big jewelry, the highest of heels, etc. Country people do things like wearing pantyhose with shorts. There’ no point to it but, hey, why the hell not? They go all out.

                  I guess, country would be akin to tacky. She’s from a very big city so it has nothing to do with rural America. It’s really about equating tackiness with glamor. Beyonce is glamorous in a tacky way. That’s Texas. They are tacky as hell but that’s their version of glamour.

                  • @Kelley, oh I see! A UK equivalent would be an Essex girl as some girls from Essex are seen to be having fake tans, highlighted hair, overdone nails and big fat shoes so that is sounding similar to me 🙂

                    Now that you mention it, during B’s B’Day era with her tour The Beyonce Experience, she definitely did the big makeup, big hair and big heels thing to the max. In fact, I found it more cabaret ish but this era she has definitely toned it down a lot more which I like.

                    There is something about Bee’s style that is over the top but I like that she doesn’t follow the concept of what people think is trendy and she just does her. Many female celebs don’t do that and jump on the bandwagon.

      • Agreed Kelley, Beyonce is a pretty girl but her legs are not hot. Keri Hilson and Rihanna -heck most other pop stars have nicer legs. Well, she does have the best wigs though.

        • @Lin, nice try honey love 🙂 but Bee has the leg game locked and sealed AND the hair game.

          And this is coming from a natural hair advocate. Bee’s hair suits her and in fact her actual hair is long as well.

          Get it, B!

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