My Letter was published in Black Enterprise!

Wow! Here it is, in the August 2009 issue. Woop! I wrote to them ages ago and mine is the letter highlighted in blue about Barack Obama. My middle name is Aulelia, but my full name is Kagem Tibaijuka. So happy to see it in there! Tell me what you think. L-O-N-D-O-N!



14 thoughts on “My Letter was published in Black Enterprise!

    • @knowledge, welcome to the blog. Thanks again. It’s just what I think but I hate how now there is a double standard on his identity cos he made it.

  1. Very cool. I’ve always wondered if the letters in magazines were written by editors or real peeps. Thanks for the confirmation!

  2. I agree with you. People all of a sudden want to claim him and hail his white grandparents, using that as justification for his distinguished persona. But then again, that’s what black people do when they look for the little bit of African in a person so that they can claim them as their own (there are too many mixed race people in entertainment to name examples of black people claiming them then getting mad when they identify as mixed).

    I also see the articles’ point. If it weren’t for American racial politics (that has obviously spread world wide), he would have grown up identifying as bi-racial. But the long lingering one-drop rule requires him to do otherwise. Depending on what country he would have been raised in, there would have been no problem in identifying with both sides of heritage, instead of having to choose one. But in the US, any known black blood makes you black. My problem with this is that it maintains the false concept of white purity (and subsequently white supremacy).

    • I agree with what you say Kandeezie, but the one drop rule is not unique to American. In many european countries, if you look black, you are seen as black and this has been done irrespective of what has happened in the US.

      He’s black to me.

    • @SoFroLushes, thank you for the love. I just find it really annoying when people are now calling him not black. He was definitelys seen as black by the media when he was just an unknown Senator.

  3. Go Aulelia!!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting! I LOVE that letter, and I feel the exact same way. People never cared what Barack Obama identified as before he was President, especially since he has a Black phenotype. To me, it is disingenuous because they are saying it just to take something away from Black people. It’s not really about identifying all aspects of his background.

    Even as far as biracials are concerned, they are the main ones who say the should have a “choice” about what they call themselves, why put them in a box, etc. Ok, so Barack “chooses” to identify as Black, not biracial, so get over it.

    • @Aisha, thank you so much!

      At the end of the day, I find it so rich and almost offensive for people to now jump on the Barack bandwagon and call him non-black all of sudden because he is now a world wide icon and arguably the most famous man in the world.

      No one was checking for Barack or his black self when he was hustling to make it so why should his race change now?

      He identifies as a BLACK MAN so they need to get over it quick time.

      If he didn’t, then he would not be addressing the NAACP or appearing on the cover of EBONY or ESSENCE.

  4. Congrats! I so totally agree with your comment by the way. I don’t know what I’ll do if I hear someone else say “Well he’s not REALLY black he’s biracial/mixed etc”, I’d just love to reply, “Well dumb ass, isn’t he half black and half white, so why is it wrong to call him by what he partly is already, ESPECIALLY seeing as thats what he identifies him self as.

    • @Asha, thanks again 🙂

      LOL, and you know what you have written is the truth!

      It’s just so typical for people to come out of the woodwork you know like that.

      If other mixed race people call themselves mixed race, I think that is great. I am all for peopel identifying how they want but he identifies as black therefore he is black.


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